patentreporter (patentreporter) wrote,

Marketing FAIL (deliberate)

 How do you promote a boring old product that has been a national symbol?

You pretend to change it's name.

People get upset.

This is exactly what has been done with VEGEMITE (similar to marmite). That is right, you heard it here first folks!
They had a national competition to change it's name and they had a national advertising campaign supposedly directed at changing the name.
The winner was a web designer who came up with the name "iSnack 2.0".  It is crap, and I further submit that it is deliberately crap. People have got upset, some have suggested boycotting the product. I mean how dare they change the name of a national icon?
I wonder how the sales are going? Up I presume.
sarcastic responses have included "iSuck 2.0" -and crap some one else thinks along the same lines as me, dang I should have googled before typing.

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