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The Patent Reporter

Legislation Update

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I was originally themaskedfig, then I became the Patentreporter in a (probably unsuccessful)bid to confuse the tracking programs in my company server.
I have been an Out-house patent attorney then In-house then Out-house then in government house. Being Out-house was sometimes a bit too breezy and there were always redback spiders under the loo seat, In-house was warmer and more comfortable, with better pay but less of a view. It doesn't matter which house I am in, the work always hurts my head.

I like stuff, the more unusual, the better.
In person I am talkative, easily engaged and sometimes funny. Online I am reserved, conservative and the opposite of verbose. I don’t know why there is such a contrast, other than the fact that I communicate more happily verbally. But I am stuck with this medium and my limitations in it.
Please accept my apologies in advance for any typos that you may find in my entries. I hate them too but don’t seem to notice them till after I have posted and then are not bothered to fix them. As long as you, the nice reader, get the gist most of the time, I am happy with the low standard I maintain.
I also like commas. I really don’t know how many is too many. Punctuation is not my strong suit. Strangely most of my day-to-day writing does not require very sophisticated punctuation. You would be amazed how little punctuation there is in a patent specification.

Friending policy:
Friends –I like friends –after all, we all get by with a little help from our friends.
If I find myself reading your journal regularly I will add you to my friends list. Feel free to add me back, but I don’t in any way intend to make you feel obligated to add me back -that is your own personal choice.