patentreporter (patentreporter) wrote,

Fizzy Jelly

So I love it when I think I have discovered something and google tells me how wrong I am and how far from the times I am.

Enter jelly made with softdrink (no-carb version).

1X satchet of Diet/Lite jelly powder (Orange/Mango flavour etc)
1X tablespoon of plain gelatin
250 ml boiling water
Mix and allow to cool till slightly warm (don't wanna kill the artificial sweetness in the softie or cause all the bubbles to go out of solution)
Mix in 750 ml of Fanta (or other flavour)

Chill baby!

Eat on the same day so you can enjoy the bubbly fizzy goodness......

Americans are fans of the cherry jello + coke combo...sounds good.
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