patentreporter (patentreporter) wrote,

Farrah's Fawcett and Jacko's Taps

So the news the other day: Jacko Jacko Jacko and in other news Farrah Fawcett star of Charlie’s Angels passed away.
There has to be a word for the misfortune of dying on a day where a more famous person dies and steals all the headlines from you.
I found it amusing that the media has generally had trouble dealing with the 'anal cancer' cause of death. I had never heard of this type of cancer and so this prompted me to do a wiki search and have a ponder.  So the cancer is very rare, it is primarily caused by the papilloma virus -which is the same badie that causes cervical cancer and is transmitted in the same way.   Papilloma virus causes genital warts and is generally transmitted by a man with warts on his manhood, which becomes a handy applicator for applying it to a woman -to cause throat cancer, cervical cancer and anal cancer depending on where the applicator is applied. Wow thanks wiki for filling me in! The incidence of the extremely rare anal cancer is found most highly amongst homosexual men.  The good news is that Gardasil -the cervical cancer vaccine will effectively eliminate this disease.  So as you can see dear readers, if you have made it this far, there is far more to the Fawcett story than the media will ever dare to unearth.

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