patentreporter (patentreporter) wrote,

In conversation with PrJr..the missing donut

Me (thinking of the un-eaten mega chocolate donut in kitchen): Would you like something special to eat?
PrJr: Okay...
Me: If you can tell me what it is you can have is round and has a hole in the middle.
PrJr: Is it a gingernut biscuit?
Me: No -it is much softer than a gingernut biscuit.
PrJr: Is it the cat?
Me: No -you cant eat the cat!!
PrJr: Oh..

Later that day MrsPr comes home hungry....We eat the was goood.

PrJr comes in: Mum what is round and has a hole in the middle?
MrsPr: I don't know (oh shit we ate the donut).

5 minutes later....

PrJr: Dad, what is round and has a hole in the middle?
Me: Something special -come back in 5 minutes and I will give it to you.
I hurriedly went and got a gingernut biscuit and ground a hole in the middle with a nice sharp knife.

PrJr with very big and impressed eyes: Wow!!
He happily eats the thing that is round and has a hole in the middle..and happily ends the story....

Suggested moral of the story -you will only have to work harder with a second lie if you make a first......
Can you think of a better moral?

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